Análisis: The Saboteur (PS3)

Escrito por en Análisis - 18 marzo, 2010

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The Saboteur is the swan song game from Pandemic Studios. It’s a sandbox style game that brings us to the Nazi occupied Paris during World War II, playing as a member of “La Resistance”. Our mission is to free France from the hated Nazis.

The Saboteur has many things that videogame players love: killing Nazis (a lot of them), explosions, guns, sneaking missions and naked chicks. Yes, naked chicks. You see boobs as soon as the game starts. Also, the visual presentation is very interesting: the Nazi occupied zones are represented in black and white (and some things are red), but they get full coloured when we set that zone free.

Apart from the main missions; there is a lot of fun in The Saboteur. We have plenty of things to blow-up, as armoured cars, sniper nests, zeppelins, surveillance towers, fuel depots, radars… And we must be careful when we destroy these targets, because the Nazis are alert to any loud noise and they will come to kill us if the alarm rings. And they are not as stupid as Assassin’s Creed Templars…


Si no has tenido ningún problema para entender lo que he escrito arriba, ya no tienes excusa para correr a la tienda y comprar The Saboteur por los miserables 20 € que cuesta ahora. Seguro que no te arrepentirás.

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